Remove warts after 3 months: I would NEVER have thought that!

For the most part these products are approved by the FDA for use in treating warts and/or for treating other fungal and bacterial infections.

Infection Prevention:

When you buy a product against warts or other fungal infections, ask yourself a few questions to see if it is actually the right choice for you. Are there other ways to deal with the infections? Will I get better from using this product? How is it likely to work? Does it require any specialized skill?

What kind of warts are there? Do I have fungal infections? The types of warts that affect the most people may not be the same warts that are found in warts that affect most people. If you find some warts that you cannot treat, see a doctor. You may want to see a warts specialist in addition to a doctor who can treat other types of infections.

What kinds of infections are most likely to occur after using a topical cream for warts? Most warts can be treated with a cream made from vegetable oils, and there is some evidence that vegetable oils may reduce the growth of warts. However, warts usually don't grow back, so you may want to use a topical cream if you have warts.

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